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Our Partners


HAS Club - Hausen a. A. ZH

Band Union - Schaffhausen

Eventtom GmbH - Ostschweiz


Sumners Graphics - Ron Sumners

Das Office - Rolf Schlup

Radio15 - Betschi

Otto Conrad 

Starschmiede - Marc Gabriel

MG Talk - Marc Gabriel



I studied hotel management, worked in hotels and restaurants. I am a proud mother of three grown-up children, was involved in school politics for several years, organized concerts on the side and helped out at various festivals and events. Later I did the booking in a music bar and over the years I got to know various bands and musicians and became more and more familiar in the music business. Today I can rely on great contacts. I look back on countless concerts and look forward to more unforgettable events.

Sibylle MIAMI Tanner


Hard Rock Hotel - Davos GR

Züri Rockt! & Alte Kaserne - Zürich

Engel Bar - Wädenswil ZH

More Than Sounds - Adliswil ZH

Kobel in concert - Bubikon ZH

Club1120 - Winterthur ZH

Thurbinä - Winterthur ZH

Street Food Festival - Wädenswil ZH

Springkonkurrenz - Zug

Galvanik Kulturzentrum - Zug

Rest. Golfpark Zürichsee - Wangen SZ

TC Crows - Einsiedeln SZ

Bistro Pyramide - Meggen LU

Bar Manhattan - Rheinfelden AG

Heaven Music Club - Balterswil TG

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